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Brownfields Program


Brownfields Program Manager.........................................CaSandera Johnson


Brownfields….. what the heck is a Brownfield? 

One definition of Brownfield is:  a contaminated site (or perceived contamination) that was previously used and has potential for reuse if it is cleaned up. 

Manokotak Brownfields Meeting.


If you have a question about the Brownfields Program please call CaSandera at 1-800-478-5257 x 348, or email her at CaSandera is looking forward to visiting your village.

canery brownfields
Pilot Point-Brownfields site.


Does your village have contaminated sites that have redevelopment potential? 

Are there Elders in your community who know where contaminated sites are?  Some examples of contaminated sites may be:  abandoned dump sites with petroleum based contaminants such as oil barrels, ATV’s, automobiles, etc. Additional Brownfield sites may be abandoned generator buildings or other old buildings that, after removing contaminants such as:  lead-based paint, asbestos materials, or PCB bearing ballast in old lights. For example, Pilot Point and Chignik Lagoon plan to reuse their old canneries. The Chignik Lagoon cannery will be redeveloped for fish processing and tourism and Pilot Point’s cannery will have a museum and information center as well as metalsmithing and woodworking shops.

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P.O. Box 310, Dillingham, Alaska 99576 ~ Phone 907-842-5257 ~ Fax 907-842-5932