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Children & Family Services Mission Statement: 

The BBNA Social Services Dept. (Children & Family Services Div.) provides services to Tribal members & Bristol Bay residents (individuals, children, families, Tribes,& communities) to promote & enhance family & community well being.

Children's Services Program Manager..............................................Crystal Nixon-Luckhurst


The welfare of our elders, children and families is the focus of BBNA’s Social Services division. Eight Tribal Children’s Service Workers (TCSWs) and Youth Activites Coordinators (YAC's) and two ICWA Team leaders who with the Office of Children's Servicesthat work closely with tribes in Child In Need Aid Cases, a task that includes child protection casework and support for new and established tribal courts now operated by Aleknagik, Chignik Lake, Curyung, Koliganek, Manokotak and Togiak tribal councils. BBNA’s Family Services to help keep families together, and contribute to efforts to end domestic violence. Social Services collaborate or flow thru funds to SAFE for the violence programs.

Children's Services Staff
Dillingham Central Office Phone Fax Email
Connie Timmerman ICWA Team Leader 907-842-4139 Ext. 346 907-842-4106
Colette Meraz ICWA Team Leader 907-842-4139 Ext. 352 907-842-4106
Tribal Children's Services Workers and Youth Activities Coordinators
Village TCSW/YAC Phone Fax
Aleknagik Jane Gottscholk, TCSW 907-842-4577 907-842-2229
Chignik Lagoon Nancy Anderson, Case Wkr I 907-749-2234 907-749-2222
Chignik Lake Crystal Kalmakoff Case Wkr II 907-845-2358 907-845-2246
Clarks Point Vacant    
Dillingham Chris Itumulria, Case Wkr II 907-842-4508 907-842-4510
Egegik Marcia Abalama, Case Wkr IV 907-233-2207 907-233-2312
Ekwok Sandra Stermer, Case Wkr II 907-464-3349 907-464-3350
Kokhanok Mary Andrew, Case Wkr II 907-282-2224 907-282-2221
Koliganek Sally Kayoukluk, Case Wkr I 907-596-3425 907-596-3462
Levelock Danielle Dobkins, Case Wrk I    
Manokotak Diana Gamechuck, Case Wkr I 907-289-2074 907-289-1446
Perryville Bernice O'Domin, Case Wkr II 907-853-2242 907-853-2229
South Naknek Vacant 907-246-6721 907-246-6722
Togiak Emma Wassillie, Case Wkr II 907-493-5431 907-493-5734


Food Bank

Our regional food bank is supplemented by OSG funds, small pots of grant funds, and donations.  We provide emergency and on-going food bank services to those families who meet the financial eligibility requirements within the Compact service area.  Because OSG funds the food bank services, we have a limited service area- those Tribes that compact their OSG program with BBNA- unless other Tribes contribute to the Food Bank for services.

Food Bank Coordinator....................................................Barbara Nunn

Phone: 907-842-3663 ~ Toll Free Phone: 1-888-918-3663 ~ Fax: 907-842-4106


P.O. Box 310, Dillingham, Alaska 99576 ~ Phone 907-842-4139 ~ Fax 907-842-4106